Case studies

There are many conditions that can be eased or rectified by the treatments we provide - stress, muscular tension and imbalances and postural problems. Here are some of our many success stories.

Ankle injury and Runners knee

Client A came to us with an ankle injury and Runners Knee and was unable to run. After a postural assessment we found that she had one leg shorter than the other due to a serious malleoli (ankle bone) fracture at the age of 13.We also learnt that at that time she had to wear a plaster cast for 12 weeks during a very important growth spurt. We worked with Client A on a regular basis and performed specific treatments targeting these areas.We also worked with her in suggesting exercises to stretch and strengthen the ankle and knee. In addition we were able to help her become more aware of her running pattern and alerted her to the need to change footwear regularly.She was able to get back to running after a few intense sessions.

Back and shoulder stiffness and loss of mobility

Client B had very limited movement in her back which was caused primarily by stress at work and a shoulder condition that she had suffered from since childhood  - calcification (bone growth) of the shoulder.

Client B had regular treatments for six months and has had amazing results.There were marked improvements in all aspects of her general health, her range of movement increased significantly in her lower back and her shoulder now has full mobility.

Stiff neck and limited movement

Client C came to Quiessence Massage with very limited range of movement in her neck on the right hand side. The muscles running along this side had got very tight and this had caused a very painful fibrotic lump to form here. After three months of regular treatment sessions almost full range of movement to the neck was restored and all the tightness and tension in the neck had disappeared.

Ankle problems following surgery and Slipped disc

Client D had a double malleoli (ankle bone) fracture to her right foot and had a metal plate in for a year. Since having it removed she has been coming to us and we have helped her to mobilise the ankle and reduce the scar tissue. She also suffered a slipped disc in the lower back and was tender in this area. The Massages have helped to loosen the tension in the body, have taken the pressure off the spine and have generally improved her posture helping her towards making a full recovery. We have been working closely with other professionals including an Osteopath to help improve Client D’s general well being.

Upper body tension and postural problems

We have treated Client E for tightness to his upper body which he experienced around his neck and in his diaphragm. He is also suffering from a Dowager Hump (curvature of the spine in the upper back) which has developed as a result of poor posture and muscle weakness from lack of general fitness. In addition to helping ease the tightness in his body through massage we are also helping Client E to understand the importance of maintaining good posture and giving him advice on the best way to look after his body for optimum health. Client E is a typical example of the majority of clients that we see at Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms who are suffering from some form of postural issue due to having a very stressful but sedentary work life.

Pain on the soles of the feet

Client F - treated for Plantar Fasciitis (pain on the soles of the feet). Our postural assessment highlighted that he was flat footed and that his feet were slightly over pronating (rotating inwards). Client F was keen to have regular treatments to reduce general tension in his feet and address any muscular imbalances that were making the condition worse. In addition to working with Client F through massage we referred him to a Podiatrist to assess whether orthotics would help him and we worked with an osteopath to check his pelvic alignment as he has one leg shorter that the other.  As a team we offered a very effective solution to his condition.